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We been running mobile sessions with a range of activities for stag & hens, birthday parties, corporate events and fundraisers for many years now and can be flexible with our setup. 

If you can't make it to our location, then we will travel to you :D


(Availability and Location dependant - if you are closer to one of our other centres, we will ask them to run the session if they are available).

We have travelled and worked in places like Beachley House in Chepstow, Cholwell Hall and Chelwood House, Saracen Stadium in London, Hanham Junior School in Bristol, Quantock Hill - Great Wood Campsite, Blaise Castle, and many more.

What do we provide in our mobile sessions?

We provide a professional approach leading up to your event and plenty of laughs on the day. We make sure you have a fun day with minimal stress. We adapt to most locations and ensure we cover anything in our safety brief to ensure everyone has a nice and safe session with us.

We are usually on site for minimum 4 hours for most of our activities and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and requests.​​​


What do we need to know for us to run an event at your location?

  • What event it is for?

  • Where is the location and is it private land?

  • How many people is it for?

  • What activity you want?

  • Is there any on site power (for us to set up our air bunkers (not always necessary as we have a power pack with us)?

We do require some form of written permission from the land owner allowing us to work on their land. Our policy is that we will set up about an hour before the session, run the session and then pack away leaving as little to no sign that we have been there (except for stomped down grass). We will provide our risk assessment on request and we are insured to run mobile events away from our main centre in Bristol.

We charge a day rate which includes travel expense, please contact us for a quote. We currently are not running children's parties at this point in time.


The area we require needs to be flat land with no dangerous obstructions or structures that we can damage as well as no public able to wonder into our gamezone. We can work around trees and slight hills and will corner off any areas which could cause injury. If we have been given plenty of notice, we will do site assessments of the area to ensure the area is safe to use. We will also speak with the land owner about the area.

We cannot set up in a public area or park unless it is a specialised event where the council has given permission. This will have to be shown to us before any booking can take place.​


We will ask for a deposit so you can secure your booking.


What activities do we currently do?

  • Battle Archery (Shooting each other with our bows and safe arrows)

  • Axe throwing (throwing our specialised training tools (Throwing Angels) and then moving to Tomahawks or Hatchets)

  • Safe Archery (Shooting standing target poles using our "repurposed" safe arrows

  • Target Archery

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