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Adult: £38pp (16 years plus) 1.5 hours Mon-Sun​



We have 8 targets. The ratio per person per target: Max 4 people per target (group size of 24) , but usually you will have a target all to yourself.


Ever thought what it’ll be like to throw an axe at a target? Why not have a go at throwing our mini hawks aka throwing angels and a Tomahawk! 


Our qualified marshals will make sure you hit your target!


Learn to throw a Tomahawk in a safe environment. Take on our challenges and the satisfaction of having a throw off against others. 


Who can score the highest points?

Max Capacity 24 people at a time (we will extend the time up to 2 hours if maximum is achieved to ensure everyone has enough throwing time).

Minimum age 16.  Teenagers aged 16-17 need to be accompanied by an adult.

To book in third party vouchers, please click here


​​​Upgrade to throwing Knives aswell? £10 for 30 minutes on top of your axe throwing session. Please click here for more information.


Or upgrade to our 2 hour Ultimate Throwing package for a chance to throw a range of equipment.  The Ultimate Throwing Package is £45 but is only available for adults aged 18 plus.  Please click here for more information.

Please note: All our equipment is specifically made for throwing in a controlled environment.

Or buy a gift voucher as a present? We will send you a Digital Voucher directly to you, or to the person you wish to surprise? Click Here​ for more information.



















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