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Gift vouchers are the perfect present for your friends, family and partners. Fantastically flexible - they can be used with any of the activities we offer.

We have many different types of sessions that our vouchers can be redeemed for. 

Our E-Vouchers can be purchased via our online booking system.

​For Avon Valley credit E-vouchers, put down and amount and complete the transaction. Credit vouchers can be used for any activity which gives better flexibility. You can select this by clicking the Avon Valley button below.

Or you can buy a specific activity voucher by choosing the activity through our booking system eola/co, selecting 'PURCHASE AS A GIFT' (highlighted in the image below) and complete the transaction to have the E-voucher emailed to you.

All vouchers will last up to 12 months from date of purchase.

E-Vouchers not enough and you want something to hand over in person? Then please follow the steps below and drop us an email after your E-Voucher purchase with the code and your address and we will pop a card voucher in the post to you. Postage is £2, which includes a physical voucher and some flyers.

Example on how to book for physical voucher shown below.

voucher image 2.jpg

Don't forget to email us your address with your Voucher Code to help us confirm who you are to

Please note that Vobster Quay Stand up paddleboarding Vouchers and Avon Valley Vouchers are not easily crossed over due to the two different locations. For a more scenic experience, please choose Avon Valley - River Avon. For more tricks and water splashing fun, please choose Vobster Quays - Freshwater Lake.

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