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On Peak Adult: £40pp 12-16 year olds: £24pp
1.5 hours Sat-Sun​ Mon-Fri on Request - Vobster Quay
Wetsuit Hire is £5 per person (Optional)

We offer a 90min 'ready to ride' lesson at our location at Vobster Quay quarry, where we take advantage of calm conditions and crystal-clear waters.

In this lesson, you will learn about the paddleboard and paddle, you will move from kneeling on the board to standing up, learn paddle strokes, turns, tricks, have a few games and if time allows, you can try out a SUP rescue technique!

We supply boards, paddles, leashes, buoyancy aids as standard and wetsuits if required. 

(Wetsuit hire is £5 per person. Please pre-book this by adding this on during your payment to avoid disappointment on the day).

Lessons will be 1 instructor to maximum of 8 clients. 

We can't promise you won't get wet.



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What to Expect:

The activity will last around 1.5 hours. You will be required to sign a disclaimer, and for participants under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must sign on their behalf. You will be given an introduction and safety briefing before getting to the fun part!


Children between 12 and 17, a parent or Guardian must accompany them on the water with them. 


In the BSUPA Ready to Ride course, we will teach you the three essential paddle techniques, Prone,  Kneel and Stand before getting you to turn and manoeuvre your board safely, and finally getting in and out of the water without assistance. Games and challenges if time allows.​

Our school inside Vobster Quay is located on the side of the lake by the main building. On site, there is a large changing room available for both Men and Women. The changing rooms are cleaned regularly.

Group sizes:

We can host up to Maximum of 8 people per session. 

What should I wear? 

Please wear footwear suitable for the outdoors for arrival and wetsuits boots, water shoes or old trainers for the lesson.

Wear something comfortable, we have wetsuits available at £5 per hire, but if you have your own? It would be a better fit.​

Please do not wear anything you could lose during the session e.g. rings, ear rings, expensive watches etc.​

All our participants must wear a PFD / Buoyancy Aid at all times!

Who can participate?

Children between 12 and 17, a parent or Guardian must accompany them on the water with them. 

Weather Conditions

We will contact you in case of adverse weather or inadequate conditions – once a session is booked, presume it will go ahead unless we contact you. Adverse weather means, thunderstorms, Gail force winds, freezing cold conditions, a downpour of heavy rain. All other conditions including light rain, we will proceed as normal.

Medical Declaration / Health and Safety

Any person having any session with Adventure SUP must be medically fit to participate in the activity. If you have any medical condition(s), physically or take medication that may affect you in the activity, you must inform us before the booking the session or consult your GP.

Our Equipment

We mainly use O'Shea 10'8" x 34" inflatable paddleboards. The maximum rider weight for these boards are 120kg / 265lbs. We have now also added in other brands for you to test out.​

We also have various other boards for smaller riders and touring and race boards should you wish to hire.​

The paddles we provide are Paddle Paddle Co Alloy Paddles for entry level paddling 

We also have Palm Personal Floatation Device (PFD's) which must be worn at all times, whether you are doing the course or hiring from us.​

We have wetsuits available, which are washed after every session and dried ready for the next day. We do our best to accommodate for all sizes.


Our area is surrounded by gravel and concrete surfaces and is next to the lower car park. 

If special arrangements may be necessary, please let us know in advance and we will take reasonable steps to assist you.


Spectators are welcome but must follow our safety rules. Children between 10 and 17, a parent or Guardian must remain on site and in proximity during their session. Children are not allowed to be left on their own to wonder around the site as there are a number of dangers such as moving cars, air tanks, heavy equipment which may cause injury or could be damaged by the children as well as deep water hazards. Therefore adults must remain on site with the children if they are spectating.

Do you allow alcohol?

We will not allow anyone to participate if they are under the influence as this is dangerous and a health and safety risk. 


We have a 2-day cancellation policy.  

We reserve the right to cancel the session due to inclement weather, however conditions would have to be pretty extreme for this to happen.

If using vouchers, we will only reschedule the session if we have been given advance warning of up to 48 hours, unless the voucher has not been redeemed or is past its expiry date. If cancelled on the day, I'm afraid you will lose your activity slot.


Yes there are toilets on site.

Is parking available? 

Yes, there is plenty of free parking on site

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