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Being Responsible and Sustainable.
Environmental Awareness

Here at UK Active Outdoors Ltd we have always had conservation and sustainability at the forefront of running our company.  After moving to our new location in Feb 2021 we had a and opportunity to grow our ideas and move forward with building an activity centre that also gives back to people and the wildlife that we enjoy onsite. 

Unfortunately in recent years it has got more difficult to choose the sustainable route with a Covid-19 pandemic, cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine effecting budgets and accessibility to some of those options. However, new opportunities also open up and we have done our best to explore these. 

River Avon clean up projects: 

We have been clearing rubbish from the river Avon since 2013 and we see our role on the river as custodians. For that reason we have being running regular river cleaning projects removing plastics mostly and have a great understanding about the inhabitants that use the river. We have recently teamed up with Planet Patrol, The Keynsham Wombles and are supporting the Bristol Avon River Trust by being a Beacon! 

Reclaimed materials:

Our land based activities, formally known as Battle Archery Ltd, are mostly built and set up using reclaimed materials which we pride ourselves on. There are limits for safety reasons with the equipment we use during the activities but we are always reviewing the materials in the manufacturing of these products and make balanced buying decisions. We source wood from various sources and are often reclaiming from our local area. 


Rewilding and Habitat:

Creating habitat or “rewildling” areas has started onsite in a few ways. Planting new hedgerows is an ongoing project, limited only by our supply of hedging and trees. Grass and wildflower borders have been left alone to mature and this is managed appropriately. Small areas have been fenced off in key areas to allow the nettles and plants to grow and more are planned. 


We have set ourselves the following ethos and goals for our company. 

  • We try our very best to make sure any waste is recycled and to reduce waste onsite. 

  • Use reclaimed materials for building work and landscaping onsite. 

  • Paperless as much as we can. 

  • Promote the circular economy to customers onsite. 

  • Add in habitat around our active activity spaces. 

  • Clear the river of rubbish and support projects with same agenda.

Tristan Bawn & Simon Liu 

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