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A fun and exclusive club for axe and knife throwing lovers! 

The throwing club is for people who have had a throwing session before and are looking for a place to throw regularly with like minded people.


People of all abilities are welcome as there will be an experienced instructor and other experienced people around to give help to ensure you have the best time throwing with us.

People who have their own tools are welcome to bring them but must be checked and signed off by the Instructor to make sure all equipment being thrown is safe.

During your time with us you will have a chance to practice your skills, get help improving certain aspects of your throwing, play lots of throwing related games, and even competition nights with prizes to be won.

Club sessions will be held fortnightly on Wednesdays evenings for 2 hours

Club membership is £30pp for 12 months and then £5pp for all our organised club sessions.


To become a member click on the join button below. 

If you do not want to join a membership then please click here for NON-Members 

The club session dates are as follows, starting from 6:30pm for each session:

  • Wed 1st Mar 23

  • Wed 15th Mar 23

  • Wed 29th Mar 23

  • Wed 12th Apr 23

  • Wed 26th Apr 23

  • Wed 10th May 23 

  • Wed 24th May 23 

  • Wed 7th Jun 23

  • Wed 21st Jun 23

  • Wed 5th Jul 23

  • Wed 17th Jul 23 

  • Wed 2nd Aug 23 

  • Wed 16th Aug 23

  • Wed 30th Aug 23

  • Wed 13th Sep 23 

  • Wed 27th Sep 23

  • Wed 11th Oct 23

  • Wed 25th Oct 23

  • Wed 1st Nov 23

  • Wed 15th Nov 23

  • Wed 22nd Nov 23

  • Wed 20th Dec 23

Don't forget to sign into your account first before booking into a club session (to receive your club discount). Non-Members can book in at full price.

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