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Special Needs, Wellbeing and Retirees Activities

UK Active Outdoors provides various activities to cater people of all ages and abilities.

We have been working with a number of individuals who have physical and mental disabilities, mental health groups, communities and charities, and we would like to offer our services and dedication to those who wish to have regular sessions at a weekly basis.

Our goal has been to help people get back out and active, which over the years we have noticed people's wellbeing is currently at an all time low. 

By providing our dedicated sessions, we are offering a place for social meet up's and experiences in a friendly and safe environment. 

  • We are based at Avon Valley Farm, Keynsham, BS311TS between Bath and Bristol.

  • Our sessions are currently the mornings of Tuesday and Thursdays lasting 60 minutes each. We are looking to expand this as we grow each group.

  • If you have more people than our current capacity, please contact us to see if we can accommodate.

  • We provide a nice and friendly atmosphere between staff, carers and clients.

  • Sessions will start off as 121 and we will help build confident and also adapt the session to meet individual needs.

  • We are not experts in this particular field. We learn and adapt and even tailor the sessions to the best of our abilities with the help of the carers as well as yourself.


·  Target Archery 8 capacity per session – 60 minutes £20 per adult

Learning to shoot with a bow and arrow trained by ArcheryGB qualified instructors. Our archery range is under a shelter so you will be protected from the wind and rain.

Please note that for people who maybe in a wheelchair or unable to pull the bow back, we have x2 special archery tools that will help people shoot. 

To book: Please enquire by email:

·  Axe throwing 10 capacity - 60 minutes £20 per adult

Learning to throw with our training tools and take on various challenges.

To book: Please enquire by email:

·  Air Rifles 8 capacity - 60 minutes £20 per adult

Shooting our air rifles and taking on challenges under our undercover shooting range. You can shoot standing up or sitting down. Our range is 10 metres and if you have your own rifle, we are in the process of building our 30-40 metre shooting range.

To book: Please enquire by email:

·  (COMING SOON) River Tour - Canoeing x6 (two seater) and Kayaking x7 (single seater) total 19 capacity - 90 minutes £20 per adult

Take you on a lovely scenic river trip up the River Avon where you get to see the lovely wildlife and hopefully the Otters, kingfishers, heron etc

Please note that access to the river will require you to walk down some stairs, and then down a slope to access our slipway. This is currently not wheelchair friendly.

Wetsuits are provided (optional and limited) All equipment supplied

To book: Please enquire by email:


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